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      1. ABOUT US

        Yixin Smart Technology Co., Ltd.

        UAV automaton nest hardware solution provider and hardware manufacturer

        We are a solution provider specialized in customized electromechanical integration, hardware design and innovative manufacturing capabilities for UAVs. At the same time, the company has a professional technical team. It can provide CAD design, SOLIDWORKS 3D drawing output, and various electromechanical control electrical principles, wiring and other drawings output. It also has advanced processing and manufacturing equipment in the industry, including high-power laser cutting machine, CNC punch, CNC plate shearing machine, CNC bending, laser welding, automatic riveting, etc. Provide customers with full process services from design, processing, assembly, commissioning and subsequent after-sales.

        It is suitable for Dajiang Royal 2 industry advanced version, Matrix 300 RTK and Phantom 4 RTK.

        Yixin is a solution provider of automatic airport. According to the customer's specifications and needs, Yixin will make every effort to customize and provide the corresponding product solutions to meet the customer's needs. The safety, reliability and professionalism of Yixin Intelligent products have obvious advantages.

        • 2020Establishment of Company
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