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        YX-1000A UAV Airport

        YX-1000A apron supports DJI M300 RTK UAV, and is equipped with automatic manipulator charging and changing function, which effectively extends UAV patrol, shortens the time of UAV charging, and improves the work efficiency.

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        Product Highlights

        • Noman-on-duty

          The site is unattended, fully automatic takeoff and operation

        • Auto Obstacle Avoidence

          6-orientation automatic obstacle avoidance methods to adapt to the complex flight environment

        • Data Transfer

          With three types of mounts,collect 3 kind of data in one flight mission upload data at one time after landing into the airport

        • 5G Communication

          5G communication technology, 1024Mbps ultra-high speed data transmission

        • Water Proof

          Inclement rainy day flight, the airport interior design rain and drainage structure

        • Flexible Docking

          Open standard API, flexible connection with customer system

        Product Parameter

        Product parameter Specification
        YX-1000A UAV Airport Carrying Platform Product Size (Length × Width × Height) ≤3m×3m×3m
        Product Weight ≤1200kg
        Number of Intelligent Aircraft Carried 1
        Maximum Patrol Inspection Range ≥1000m
        Automatic Data Upload Support
        Micro Meteorological Function Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed
        Operating Ambient Temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃
        External Monitoring Function Support
        Internal Monitoring Function Support
        Battery Management System for Intelligent Aircraft Automatic Battery Change Support Automatic Battery (Change Duration ≤ 5 minutes)
        Temperature Control Function Support
        Temperature Control Mode Air Conditioner
        The Number of Batteries Charged Simultaneously ≥4 groups
        Maximum Number of Batteries That Can Be Stored ≥4 groups
        Cycle Charge and Discharge Times ≥300 times
        UPS Switching Time ≤3ms
        Output Power ≥1.5kW
        Emergency Use Time ≥30 mins
        Working Function Self Inspection Function Support the automatic import of patrol tasks and tracks, and complete tasks independently without manual intervention
        Precise Landing Support RTK+visual guidance. Wind resistance ≥ 4m/s; Falling slope ≥ 5 °; Landing error ≤ 20cm
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