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        YX Serise UAV Airport

        The YX-200 series UAV apron is ideal for small and light UAVs, and can be customized to adapt to a variety of multi rotor UAVs. The airport is small and convenient, covering less than 1m2, and can be flexibly deployed.
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        Product Highlight

        • Small and Light

          The airport covers an area of less than 1 ㎡ and weighs about 120kg. It is compact, convenient and flexible.

        • Powerful Airborne Function

          Support dual light imaging (4K visible light+infrared), support network RTK, and machine vision obstacle avoidance.

        • Auto Charging

          High conductivity contact design, contact type fast charging, ensuring continuous operation of UAV.

        • Structural Frame Design

          High strength stainless steel and magnesium aluminum alloy frame structure are used for reasonable design. The internal structure is reasonable, and the floor area is small. It is convenient to deploy fixed areas such as roofs and fields.

        • Multi-model charging

          Canbe connect to customer internal lan.

        • Uninterruptible Power System

          In the case that the external environment cannot be powered on, it can be powered on as usual by the UPS.

        • Flexible Docking

          Provide standardized API interfaces and SDKs, which can flexibly interface with users' existing control platforms.

        Product Parameter

        Product Parameter Specification
        YX-200 UAV Airport Product Size (Length × Width × Height) 1.1m×0.9m×0.6m (Hatch Closed)
        Product Heavy Weight About 120kg
        Operating Power ≤0.6kw
        Coverage Radius (Barrier Free, Interference) 6 km
        Defence Level Waterproof Grade IP54
        Power Supply Requirement AC 220V
        Operating Ambient Temperature -10℃ to 40℃
        Installation Position Ground Station/Roof
        Recovery Mode Autonomous Precision Landing (Visual)
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