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        YX Serise UAV Airport

        The YX-200 series UAV apron is ideal for small and light UAVs, and can be customized to adapt to a variety of multi rotor UAVs. The airport is small and convenient, covering less than 1m2, and can be flexibly deployed.

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        YX-1000A UAV Airport

        YX-1000A apron supports DJI M300 RTK UAV, and is equipped with automatic manipulator charging and changing function, which effectively extends UAV patrol, shortens the time of UAV charging, and improves the work efficiency.

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        ABOUT US

        Yixin Technology —— UAV automation nest professional provider

        Ningbo Yixin Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. is a specialized for UAV to create mechatronics fully automatic UAV airport overall hardware and innovation and manufacturing capabilities of the solution provider. At the same time, the company has a professional technical team. Can provide CAD design, SOLIDWORKS 3D drawings output, all kinds of electromechanical control electrical principle etc..

        • 2020Establishment
        • 6Core Functions
        • 6Application Fields

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